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Will my baby be normal?

Woman worry almost constantly through their pregnancy about whether their baby will be born normal, will they give birth to an abnormal child, or will they hurt the baby during their pregnancy?

There are general precautions that you must be taken to avoid a special risk or harm to the baby such as eating sensibly, doing regular moderate exercise, cutting out smoking and drinking alcohol and going for your regular checkups to the doctor.

There are some cases where woman are superstitious and have a fear of that it is punishment for their past behaviour, or it could be that you are worrying that you may not be a good mother, these are very real and normal feelings. Your doctor will do all the necessary checks and reassure you that everything is just fine with your baby, this will give you a sense of relief, then unfortunately a few days later all the worrying starts again.

There are also times where you will worry about giving birth to this little baby, will you manage to do it and you are scared, This ‘maternal  instinct’ does not happen to everyone,  being responsible for a new human being that is pretty much helpless is daunting for anyone to deal with.

It is important for you to talk to others who have been through a pregnancy, they will explain that it is so normal to worry about this and many other things, when you chat to other pregnant woman they will echo your thoughts.

So take it easy and try to enjoy your pregnancy, chat to you doctor if you have any concerns.

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