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For my daughter’s conception, 7 years of unprotected love making, obsessive battles with having a baby and disappointment in my body at not doing what I wanted it to do and what nature says it should be doing; sadness at seeing others easily fall pregnant and recognition that even when we created the ‘prefect’ circumstances for conception through one attempt at in-vitro fertilization (IVF) we were not the sole controlling elements to command the conception time, space and place.

My gift in experiencing IVF was that I was able to ‘let go’ and relinquish control to bigger forces than my human self. Relaxation and letting go so I could just have fun meant that 18 months later I conceived our incredible daughter, Michelle. She came when she was ready. It worked, it was right and it perfectly served its purpose of teaching me the power of letting go of the elusive thing called control. I learnt through this conscious conception that I am a part of a wondrous, all powerful, co-creative and larger energy that allows for us to be whilst also learning and experiencing what our souls require most. My daughter’s presence started my path of owning my individuality whilst being one with the One-ness of All that Is.

Since the blessing of my eldest daughter, we’ve welcomed into our family another beautiful daughter, Emma. She has brought another, deeper level of experiencing for me. By uniting my energy with my husbands and my daughters whilst also honouring the choice of the incoming soul and a lack of knowing of what truly is going on within and without each of us, we were presented with an opportunity to participate and create this new life together. This soul was conceived with intention, thought, mindfulness, desire, eagerness and family unity.

I consciously chose to work with more intent at our love-making to ultimately conceive a baby in love and unity – my husband agreed to this. I chose to allow Michelle to show me what she required to also participate in this team ‘call-out’ to the incoming sibling for her – she chose a welcoming ceremony that involved candles, crystals, the presence of angelic and benevolent light beings who specifically work with babies, conception, mothers, children, birth, protection etc and she chose to use her own words to invite this baby to join our family. In fact she chose two of these ceremonies, one performed by just her and I and another a few days later that replicated the first but most importantly included her father. On my days of ovulation, I placed conception crystals – garnet and coral – under our bedroom pillows and brought the pregnancy crystal unakite into our bedroom space too.

I listened to a conception and pregnancy meditation cd.  I’d already started taking folic acid and ensuring that no alcohol passed my lips for 2 months before we conceived this new soul – very easy for me as I choose to not drink anyway – the difference here was that I wasn’t choosing to not drink because I don’t particularly like it, I was choosing not to drink because I was already holding sacred the imprint alcohol can leave on an egg of mine thereby imprinting my future child’s life.

If I had been a smoker I would’ve also chosen to not smoke for at least 2 months before actively working at conceiving another baby.  With all of these conscious choices and actions, and in this instance not letting go but rather seizing with both hands our power and creative desires, we conceived Emma on the first attempt. Joy!

I share these two examples with you as references to the empowered action, magic and wonder that one is able to already weave into the life of your not yet conceived child. No matter in what form you choose to be conscious about your conception, know that it is possible and that it sets you up as an empowered and participatory parent that is able to heal, learn, birth, teach and grow through the experience of having a child.”

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