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Girls Baby Names listing for C


CACHET, Cache, Cachea, Cachée

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Think, Meditate

Origin: French
Meaning: Prestigious
Spiritual Connotation: Blessed

CADY, Cadee, Cadey, Cadi, Cadie

CALA, Calah, Calla, Callah

Origin: English
Meaning: Pure
Spiritual Connotation: Blameless

Origin: Middle Eastern
Meaning: Fortress
Spiritual Connotation: Protected

CALLISTA, Calesta, Calista, Claysta,
Kalesta, Kalista, Kallista, Kalysta

CAMELLIA, Camala, Camalia,
Camelia, Camella, Kamalia,
Kamelia, Kamellia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Most Beautiful
Spiritual Connotation: Lovely

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Evergeen
Spiritual Connotation: Persistent

CANDACE, Candice, Candy, Candyce,
Kandace, Kandise, Kandy

CAREY, Caray, Carrey

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Unblemished
Spiritual Connotation: Shining

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Castle
Spiritual Connotation: Dependent

CARITA, Caritta, Karita, Karitta

CARLANA, Carlaena, Karlana

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Loving
Spiritual Connotation: Preserved

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Little Heroine
Spiritual Connotation: Conscientious

CARLOTTA, Karlotta

CARMEN, Carmaine, Carman,
Carmene, Carmon, Karman,
Karmen, Karmin, Karmon

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Womanly
Spiritual Connotation: Godly Heroine

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Voice Like Soft Music
Spiritual Connotation: Joyful

CAROL, Carel, Carole, Karole, Karrole

CASEY, Cacey, Cacy, Case,
Casie, Casy, Caysee, Caysey,
Caysie, K.C., Kace, Kacee, Kacey,
Kaci, Kacie, Kacy, Kaicey, Kasee,
Kasey, Kasie, Kaycee, Kaycie,
Kaysea, Kaysee, Kaysey

Origin: French
Meaning: Song of Joy
Spiritual Connotation: Joy of God

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Valorous
Spiritual Connotation: Leader

CASSIDY, Cass, Cassady, Kass, Kassady, Kassidy


Origin: Irish
Meaning: Clever
Spiritual Connotation: Wise

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Born on a Sunday

CATALINA, Catalena, Katalena,

CATHY, Cathee, Cathey,
Cathi, Cathie, Kathee,
Kathey, Kathi, Kathie, Kathy

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Unblemished
Spiritual Connotation: Refined

Origin: English
Meaning: Spotless
Spiritual Connotation:Sanctified

CAYLA, Caea, Caila, Cailah, Caylah

CELINE, Celene, Celinda,

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Empowered
Spiritual Connotation: Spirit-Filled

Origin: English
Meaning: Fair as the Moon
Spiritual Connotation: Lovely

CHALINA, Chaleena, Chara, Charah

CHANEL, Chanell, Chanelle,
Channel, Shanel, Shanell,
Shanelle, Shannel

Origin: Hispanic
Meaning: Rose
Spiritual Connotation: Joy

Origin: English
Meaning: Channel
Spiritual Connotation: Abundance

CHARISSA, Charesa, Charis, Charisa,
Charisse, Charista, Sharesa, Sharese,
Sharis, Sharisa, Sharissa, Sharisse,
Sharista, Sheresa, Sherisa, Sherise,
Sherissa, Sherisee, Sherista

CHARLOTTE, Charlette, Sharlotte

Origin: English
Meaning: Kindness
Spiritual Connotation: Virtuous

Origin: French
Meaning: Womanly
Spiritual Connotation: Joy to the Lord

CHASTITY, Chasady, Chasiti,
Chassady, Chassey, Chassidy,
Chassie, Chassity, Chastady,
Chastidy, Chastin, Chastney


Origin: Latin
Meaning: Pure
Spiritual Connotation: Virtuous

Origin: Tsonga
Meaning: Calm Console, Comfort

CHAYA, Chayka, Chayla,
Chaylah, Chaylea, Chayley,

CHERIE, Cheri, Cherí, Chérie

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Alive
Spiritual Connotation: Heavenly Treasure

Origin: French
Meaning: Sweetheart
Spiritual Connotation: Valuable

CHEYENNE, Cheyan, Cheyana,
Cheyann, Cheyanne, Cheyene,
Cheyenna, Chi-Anna, Chyann,
Chyann, Chyanne, Sheyenne,
Shiana, Shiane, Shianna,
Shianne, Shyana, Shyanne,

CHLOE, Chloé, Chlöe,
Chloee, Cloe, Cloey,
Kloe, Klöe

Origin: Native American
Meaning: Tribe
Spiritual Connotation: Creative

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Vibrant
Spiritual Connotation: One Who Searches


CHRISTA, Chris, Chrsa, Chrsie,
Chrissey, Chrissi, Chrissie,
Chrissy, Christi, Christie,
Christy, Chrys, Chryssa,
Chrysta, Chrysti, Chrystie,
Chrysty, Cris, Crissa, Crissie,
Crista, Cristee, Cristey,
Cristi, Cristie, Cryssa,
Crysta, Crysti, Crystie

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Polite, Refined

Origin: German
Meaning: Follower of Christ
Spiritual Connotation: God’s Reflection

CHRISTINE, Christeen, Christene,
Chrystne, Cristeen, Cristine, Crystine


Origin: French
Meaning: Follower of Christ
Spiritual Meaning: True Disciple

Origin: W African, Xhosa
Meaning: God Understands, Flourish, Be Fruitful, Prosper


CIAN, Cianán, Ciannan

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Rejoice Loudly, Happy Joyful

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Ancient
Spiritual Connotation: Persistent Faith

CLAIRE, Clair, Clara, Clarette, Clarina, Clarinda, Clarita

CLAUDIA, Claudeen, Claudette

Origin: French
Meaning: Brilliant
Spiritual Connotation: Shining Light

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lame
Spiritual Connotation: Loved

CLEMENTINE, Clementia, Clementina, Clemette


Origin: English
Meaning: Merciful
Spiritual Connotation: Charitable

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Cleansed, Purified

COLETTE, Coletta, Collette, Kolette, Kollette

CONCETTA, Conchita, Conciana,
Concianna, Concieta

Origin: French
Meaning: Victorious
Spiritual Connotation: Faithful

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Pure
Spiritual Connotation: Undefiled


CORALEE, Coralea, Cora-Lee,
Coralie, Coraline, Coralyn,
Corilee, Koralee, Koralie, Koralyn

Origin: Tsonga
Meaning: Twinkle

Origin: English
Meaning: Maiden from the Sea
Spiritual Connotation: Beloved

CORINNE, Coreen, Corine, Corinne, Correen, Corrinne

COURTNEY, Cort, Cortnay,
Cortne, Cortnee, Cortney,
Cortni, Cotnie, Corttney,
Court, Courtenay, Courteney,
Courtnae, Courtnay, Courtnee,
Courtnée, Courtni, Courtnie,
Courtny, Courtonie, Kort,
Kortnay, Kortnee, Kortney,
Kortni, Kortnie, Kortny,
Kourtney, Kourtni, Kourtny,

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Fair Maiden
Spiritual Connotation: Illuminated

Origin: Old French
Meaning: From the Court
Spiritual Connotation: Amidst God’s Love


CRYSTAL, Christal, Christalin,
Christll, Christalyn, Christel,
Chrystal, Chrystel, Cristal,
Cristel, Cristelle, Crystalee,
Crystall, Crystallin, Crystallynn, Crystel,
Crystilin, Crystol, Crystyl

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Shine Brightly

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Sparkling
Spiritual Connotation: Pure

CYNTHIA, Cindee, Cindi,
Cindie, Cindy, Cydna,
Cynda, Cyndee, Cyndi,
Cyndie, Cyndy

CZARINA, Czareena, Czariana,

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Moon
Spiritual Connotation: Celestial Light

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Empress
Spiritual Connotation: Regal

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