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Ladies who are pregnant with suspected urine tract infections



1. Burning urination

2. Multiple urinations, usually in small volumes

3. Lower pelvic tenderness

4. Blood in urine

5. The sensation of wanting to urgently needing to urinate

6. Passing large volumes of urine

Severe symptoms constitute for 3 or more symptoms and no vaginal discharge or irritation (90% with culture positive) will need Antibiotic treatment.

Mild symptoms constitute for 2 or less symptoms plus urine cloudy do a urine dipstick test:

Positive nitrite alone or positive nitrite & leukocyte & blood (in 92% cases) probably indicate a urine tract infection and will need Antibiotic treatment.

Negative nitrite and positive leucocytes if together with severe symptoms could be treated as a urine tract infection. If symptoms less severe send specimen away for culture as diagnosis of urine tract could be less likely.

Negative nitrite, leucocytes and blood or negative nitrite, leucocytes and positive proteins and blood is less likely to be a urine tract infection and another diagnosis should be considered.

Be on the look out for temperatures, as urine tract infections can also present this way. Urine cultures should be sent off with episodes of fever.

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