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Mosquito repellents for Pregnant Ladies

* Use topical repellents with the recognized active ingredients within them, but importantly at the appropriate chemical concentrations. The recommended active ingredient for pregnant women includes DEET at a twenty to fifty percent concentration.

* Reapply repellents at least 6 to 8 hours after using DEET.

* Remember the topical agents wear off with outdoor activities like swimming and activities associated with sweating which may be more relevant with warmer climates.

* Be very aware of the importance of reapplication.

* DEET is safe for use from the SECOND Trimester onwards and can also be used while breast feeding.

Up to now there has been very little work done regarding proving the safety around pregnancy and breast feeding while using some of the other active ingredients that includes PMD, Icaridin or IR3535. DEET however has been better studied and trials in the past have confirmed the above.

Dressing appropriately is also very important and the correct application times and techniques. Stay safe.
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