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Sex during Pregnancy

For many women, sex goes from relatively frequent to practically non-existent when they fall pregnant. The mere thought of having sex revolts them and their partners, who’ve long forgotten what sex was, will longingly dream about the nights of passion that were frequent, pre-pregnancy. Then there are those women who become increasingly sexual as their hormones surge and their pregnancies progress. Many would say that it’s the best love-making that they’ve ever experienced. What is important, no matter what your libido, is that you are honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings and your needs. Is sex safe during pregnancy? If you

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How to wear the seatbelt during pregnancy

How to wear the seatbelt during pregnancy It’s a common worry during pregnancy that if you wear a seatbelt it might put too much pressure on your stomach and your baby, especially if an accident occurs. Studies have found that it’s safer for both mum and baby if you do wear a seatbelt and is much more dangerous to not wear one at all. Whilst wearing a seat belt during pregnancy may not be comfortable, it will improve safety for both mother and baby. When you must do the driving, learn to place

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Pregnancy and medical advice

Pregnancy and medical advice   It is most important to listen to the advice of the doctor following your health during pregnancy - Most will tell you it's ok to travel during pregnancy, but each situation is different. Your doctor, midwife or consultant can advise you if you have any conditions which make long journeys or any other travel inadvisable. Once you are pregnant, tiredness, morning sickness and the increased chance of miscarriage during the early weeks can make long journeys very uncomfortable. If you have a condition affecting your heart,

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Safe Driving

In modern society, the mother-to-be simply can’t stay at home and wait around for nine months. It is important for our pregnant road users to know that unless they suffer from a special condition, they can live normal lives without too many changes. As long as it is comfortable they can get in a car right up until the end of pregnancy. It would however be wise for pregnant women to avoid driving in conditions that might increase stress, such as driving in bad weather conditions, rain, wind or icy weather. Driving at night can also be stressful as your sight

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Problems in Pregnancy

Problems in Pregnancy Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes.”Joyce Armor  Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most special times you will ever experience. There are, however several nuisances that you will more than likely encounter along the way. Rest assured that you are not alone in experiencing these problems (there’s a reason scriptwriters and comedians love to focus on these aspects of pregnancy) and the joy your baby will bring far outweighs these little niggles along the way. Your body is changing to create an optimal environment for your baby’s development,

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Pre-natal Tests

Routine Appointments For a first pregnancy, routine checks happen every four weeks following the booking-in appointment. Around week 28 the check increase to every two weeks, and from week 36 they are weekly. At every appointment your midwife/ doctor will check: Weight – you may not be weighed at each appointment but you should let your midwife know of any rapid increase in weight, which can be a sign of diabetes or water retention (the latter can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia, a potentially serious condition of pregnancy). Abdomen – feeling (palpating) your abdomen can determine the size and position of

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Pregnancy and Travel

As your baby’s birthday approaches and you prepare for sleepless nights, you and your partner may decide that you’d like to go away somewhere remote and romantic, just the two of you, for old time's sake. But can you and should you travel when you’re pregnant? In most cases, traveling during pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem. The key here, as the girl guides say, is to be prepared. Speak to your doctor before you prepare your trip. While some studies have shown no real increase in miscarriages linked to flying, it’s best not to travel in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Your doctor is

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Nurture your Relationship

Nurture your Relationship Falling pregnant heralds the beginning of a new era for you and your partner. Gone are the days of selfishness, forget about lazy Sunday afternoons and prepare to focus your energy and money on a third person, who has invaded what was once your exclusive little love club. It’s so important to remember that while you’re about to welcome a baby into the world, who will no doubt become the centre of your universe, your relationship needs a lot of nurturing, if it is to survive. During your pregnancy, as your hormones

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Cleft Lip and Palete

Cleft Lip and Palete A cleft lip and palate is one of the more common problems found in newborn babies, with an estimated one in 800 infants being born with this condition. During the first few months of pregnancy, parts of the baby’s face will form separately and then join together. The lip and palate should usually close completely, 10 weeks after conception. If they don’t, a cleft will form. What is a Cleft lip? A cleft lip is an opening of the upper lip, between the mouth and the nose. It

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Breast Changes

Breast Changes As you have probably noticed among women there is a huge variation in breast size, shape, colour, nipple shape, size etc. Small women with big breasts and big women with small breasts, the good news is that the size of your breasts has no impact on their capacity to make milk. Women with very small breasts can make as much milk in 24 hours as women with large breasts, although a small breasted women can’t store as much milk at one time, therefore feeding may have to happen more frequently. Whatever your

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