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Natural Remedies for Curing Yeast Infections During Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience but, unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. You may endure morning sickness, backaches, puffy feet, and other discomforts along the way. One common issue pregnant women often face is the pain and distress of vaginal yeast infections. Although yeast infections do not normally present any severe dangers to mother or baby, the condition is uncomfortable and galling. With all the other discomforts of pregnancy, who needs the added burden of a vaginal yeast infection? The problem is the medications a pregnant woman can take safely are severely limited. Fortunately, yeast is naturally occurring and there are

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Rib flaring, what is rib flaring and what can I do to get relief?

What is rib flaring? Rib pain or rib flaring during pregnancy can be a persistent problem, especially during the third trimester. Your rib cage may feel mildly sore or extremely tender and bruised. You may have discomfort on either side or both sides, though it is commonly worse on the right side of the ribs. Pain occurs in and under the ribs as your uterus grows. The demand for oxygen is increased in pregnancy because of the basal metabolic rate and the mass of the expectant mom increase as well. It is estimated that a woman will require about 20% more oxygen

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AMNIO – What is it?

Most Obstetricians / Gynaecologists recommend that you have an amniocentesis when you about almost 4 months pregnant if you have risk factors. This is recommended to woman over 30 years old, but in some cases, the doctor may recommend this to younger woman. However, having this test is entirely your choice. Before having this test, the doctor will send you for blood tests which can detect up to 60% of babies with Down Syndrome and therefore may help the argument for having the Amnio test. What is this Amnio test, what can this test detect, why have the test most woman

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Working while Pregnant

Working and Pregnant? Know your rights. She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along. Margaret Culkin Banning  A lot has been said about the pressures and challenges associated with being a working mom. But what about the demanding months leading up to the birth? You know you become a mom long before you hold your baby in your arms, but how does your employer feel about your new status? Knowing your rights - and those of your employer - is essential in making working while pregnant an agreeable experience for you, your baby and your employer. The

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Why have a Doula

In today’s frantic lifestyle, we have moved away from the communities and villages of the past. For some, this is advancement and technology goes hand in hand with this progress. For others there is a sense of loss and disconnect as we try to keep it all together on our own. When a woman is of childbearing age this paradox is heightened and she feels that she has to brave this new, unsettling, and mysterious world alone. A mother-to-be may find that her personal choices for childbirth are met with skepticism and disbelief. Instead of a sisterhood that supports her in

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What Men Really Think

What Men Really Think Would you believe that some men find a preggy belly, a turn on? They really believe that it’s sexy. It’s a sign of their manhood; their manly ability to impregnate you with their super sperm. Yes, some men will swagger as they walk next to their waddling partners and would if they could, put great big flashing lights on their preggy bellies (just in case anyone mistook their partners obviously pregnant tummy for anything else). But for many women, pregnancy is a time when they feel most vulnerable about their

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Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain -- your life will never be the same. CATHERINE JONES  The world today is a very small place. Be it for business or pleasure, travel plays a significant role in our lives. As with most other aspects of your life, the rules change slightly when you are pregnant – but don’t panic if you need to travel during this time. The days of pregnant women being confined to their homes are long gone, but before you pack your bags, make sure you know all the facts

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Stem Cells

As your pregnancy nears the end, there are so many things to think about. What will you name your child? Are you going to have a caesarean? Will you breastfeed? But what many women don’t think about is their unborn baby’s medical future. Will that baby be healthy? Will she suffer from some or other disease? Can it be prevented? Scientists believe that stem cell storage may be the answer. Despite the leaps and bounds in medicine, storing your baby’s stem cells immediately after birth is still a fairly contentious and personal issue. Many doctors believe that banking your baby’s stem cells,

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Sex during Pregnancy

For many women, sex goes from relatively frequent to practically non-existent when they fall pregnant. The mere thought of having sex revolts them and their partners, who’ve long forgotten what sex was, will longingly dream about the nights of passion that were frequent, pre-pregnancy. Then there are those women who become increasingly sexual as their hormones surge and their pregnancies progress. Many would say that it’s the best love-making that they’ve ever experienced. What is important, no matter what your libido, is that you are honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings and your needs. Is sex safe during pregnancy? If you

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