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What is it?
In a bunion the big toe joins the foot at an angle rather than in a straight line. The bony base of the twisted big toe is pushed out beyond the normal outline of the foot, and an unsightly lump, known as a bunion is formed.

Symptoms: Misshapen Feet, Discomfort when wearing shoes, Pain, especially if the small fluid-filled cushion over the joint becomes inflamed. Hard skin may form over the bunion.

Causes: Bunions often run in families. Ill-fitting shoes. Shoes with very high heels and pointed toes aggravate the problem.

Possible complications: Impairment of normal movement.

Treatment in the home: Wear shoes that fit comfortably. If a bunion is painful, cut a hole in an old shoe over the bunion. Wear this until the bunion clears up.

When to consult a doctor: If the bunion remains inflamed and painful.

What the doctor may do: Arrange for you to see a chiropodist. If the problem is severe, refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon.