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Falling Pregnant

Is falling pregnant as easy as hopping into bed and getting sexy with your partner? Well, for many women it is that easy. Most often, women don't have to try that hard and whoops, they're pregnant. But for some though, it's not that simple. They need a little bit of help, making love at just the right time, to aid conception. And the older you are, the more attention you'll probably have to pay to fall pregnant. While phoning your partner and demanding that he rush home immediately from his incredibly important business meeting, because you're ovulating isn't entirely necessary, there

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Conscious Conception

For my daughter’s conception, 7 years of unprotected lovemaking, obsessive battles with having a baby and disappointment in my body at not doing what I wanted it to do and what nature says it should be doing; sadness at seeing others easily fall pregnant and recognition that even when we created the ‘perfect’ circumstances for conception through one attempt at in-vitro fertilization (IVF) we were not the sole controlling elements to command the conception time, space and place. I learned through this conscious conception that I am a part of a wondrous, all-powerful, co-creative, and larger energy My gift in experiencing IVF

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Position Position

But if there’s still no sign of a growing belly, after what feels like months and months of trying, you probably would want to make a little more of an effort, to coax those little swimmers to the egg. Make sure that you’re making love around the time that you’re ovulating. This will increase your chances of falling pregnant. Most women ovulate around the 15th day of their cycle. (Start counting from the first day of your period). If you’re not sure, buy an ovulation home test kit, so that you know exactly which days to aim for. A sexual position can

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The Home Pregnancy Test

Buying a home pregnancy test is almost as exciting as buying that first baby grow or socks, then seeing the positive result appear is a moment you’ll never forget, in fact, I would not put it past you if you bought a second test just to make sure. The test detects a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in your urine, they are very accurate. How early can I use a home pregnancy test? From the day your period is due, in theory, around two weeks after conception. The hormone will be more concentrated in your urine first thing in the morning,

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Financial Advice

If you’ve never been good at saving money and your credit card is maxed out on the latest designer outfits and evenings out with the girls, now’s the time to start counting your pennies. Babies are expensive little creatures. Babies are expensive little creatures From your hospital stay, to nappies and nursery school fees, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and lock your credit card in the safe. Before you decide to have a baby, phone your medical aid company to establish what benefits you’re entitled to. Many of these insurances have specialized maternity policies that give you wonderful benefits. Talk to

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D and C

What do the initials D & C stand for? They stand for dilatation and curettage - which exactly describes what the operation does. It involves widening the neck of the womb slightly (dilating it) so that the doctor can scrape away the spongy surface layer of the womb lining. The operation requires a general anaesthetic, but it leaves no scars and has no side effects. At most it means you’ll have to spend a day in hospital. Removing some of the wombs lining doesn’t do any harm at all. The lining is temporary anyway, building up each month under the influence of the

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Boy or Girl?

Elizabeth was longing for a little girl. She already had two beautiful boys, but something was missing from her home; something pink, someone who would wear ribbons in her hair and dream about fairies. At her weekly scrapbooking classes, in between glasses of wine and much gossip and laughter, Elizabeth told her friends about her predicament. “It’s all about the food you eat” one told her. “No, it’s about position” another insisted. She was hesitant to try again, terrified of pinning her hopes on a little pink bundle and receiving a blue one instead. There are many, many websites, promising to accurately

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Becoming baby-ready

Here are some tips on becoming baby-ready The first and probably the most obvious thing, is to stop taking your birth control tablets. Remember, it could take some time to conceive if you’ve been on the pill for a long time. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t fall pregnant immediately. Visit your Gynaecologist for a pre-baby check-up. Write down a list of questions that you may have and take them with you. Smoke your last cigarette and have one last girls’ night out. When you do eventually fall pregnant, you want your body to be healthy and free of toxins.

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What is vasectomy? A vasectomy is simply a minor operation that makes a man sterile. It works by preventing his sperm from entering the fluid he normally ejaculates during intercourse ensuring instead, that they are reabsorbed. It’s important to emphasize that a vasectomy doesn’t alter a man’s sexual performance in any way nor does it appreciably alter the quantity or appearance of the seminal fluid. Male sterilization through vasectomy is achieved by cutting or blocking the two vasa, the thick-walled tubes about 4mm in diameter that take sperm from testicles to the urethra, the tube running through the penis. You can see

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