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Becoming baby-ready

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Here are some tips on becoming baby-ready

  • The first and probably the most obvious thing, is to stop taking your birth control tablets.
    • Remember, it could take some time to conceive if you’ve been on the pill for a long time. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t fall pregnant immediately.
  • Visit your Gynaecologist for a pre-baby check-up.
    • Write down a list of questions that you may have and take them with you.
  • Smoke your last cigarette and have one last girls’ night out.
    • When you do eventually fall pregnant, you want your body to be healthy and free of toxins. Also, you won’t be able to smoke or drink excessively once that little bun is in the oven – so now’s the time to quit.
  • If you haven’t been seen at the gym in months, now is most certainly not the time to begin a hectic gym schedule.
    • You do, however, want to start exercising slowly. Make the treadmill your friend – take a brisk walk, don’t run. The bicycles at the gym aren’t that scary either, once you get the swing of things. Another fabulous way to become fit is to join a water aerobics class. It’ll be a wonderful form of exercise once you have a huge belly that you can’t carry comfortably on the treadmill anymore.
  • Start eating a healthy diet.
    • Cut out on junk food and add a variety of veggies, fruit, grains, dairy and water.
  • You’d probably like to be at a healthy weight before you fall pregnant. If you’re underweight, start focusing on eating nutritious meals that will sustain you and your baby. If you’re carrying a few extra kilograms, dieting is not an option now. Rather watch what you’re eating. Being too heavy could present a host of problems when you’re pregnant. Also, it’ll make it that much harder to lose the baby weight once your darling is born.
  • Chat to your partner about finances.
    • Babies are expensive little creatures. Discuss the option of setting aside a little bit of money every month for baby-related necessities. It’s also not a bad idea to start buying nappies.
  • Find out if your medical aid covers pre-natal and post-natal doctors’ visits.
    • You may find that it only covers a percentage of the bills, which means saving money now, will be even more important. It really is frightening to get the bills once baby has been born, only to realize that you’ll have to dig into your own pocket to pay the doctors and hospital. (that money could be well spent on the cutest baby outfits – really!)
  • While you’re getting your body baby-ready, the most important piece of advice that most will give you is simply this; relax!
    • It won’t matter if you’re seeing the best doctor or if you’re following all the advice that your mother, grandmother and best friend are giving you. You’re not going to fall pregnant and enjoy your pregnancy when you’re stressed and when getting pregnant becomes all-consuming. Relax. Breathe in. Allow nature to take its course.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels