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What is it?
A Breast abscess occurs when infection enters the breast often through a cracked nipple, which is usually due to breast-feeding.

Symptoms: A red tender swelling or lump in the breast. The glands under the arm next to the affected breast may also be tender. Fever and Pain can be severe.

Possible complications: if not treated, a large amount of pus may collect.

Treatment in the home: Make sure the breast is well supported. Take painkillers in recommended doses. Massaging the breast during breast-feeding can help to expel all the milk and ease discomfort.

When to consult a doctor: At the first signs of infection.

What the doctor may do: Advice you to stop breast-feeding. Prescribe a course of antibiotics. If the antibiotics neither do nor clear the infection, he may put you under anaesthetic and make a small cut in the breast to allow pus to drain out.