What is it?

A term used to describe skin pimples, usually on the face, back, chest, it often occurs in adolescence. 

Symptoms: Whiteheads, Blackheads, Inflamed red spots, Cysts

Causes: It is mostly triggered by hormonal changes and is most common in adolescence with oily skin 

Treatment in the home: Wash the affected area two to three times a day with soap and warm water, then rinse with cold water, pat it dry, never wipe. You can Acne soaps and antiseptic face wash, don’t use anything with an oil base. Don’t squeeze spots, this can spread the infection.

Possible complications: Scarring, loss of confidence

When to consult a doctor: If the condition continues, if you have a reaction to the soaps

What the doctor may do: Prescribe an alternative soap and explain the process, Proscribe antibiotics to clear the infection quickly or prefer you to a skin specialist.