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Boy or Girl?

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Elizabeth was longing for a little girl. She already had two beautiful boys, but something was missing from her home; something pink, someone who would wear ribbons in her hair and dream about fairies.

At her weekly scrapbooking classes, in between glasses of wine and much gossip and laughter, Elizabeth told her friends about her predicament. “It’s all about the food you eat” one told her. “No, it’s about position” another insisted. She was hesitant to try again, terrified of pinning her hopes on a little pink bundle and receiving a blue one instead.

There are many, many websites, promising to accurately predict your baby’s sex, if you send them a certain amount of money. Many websites swear that they have the perfect method; you just have to buy their book.

And then there’s the Chinese Calendar. The chart was apparently buried in a tomb near Beijing for 700 years and can predict the sex of your baby today. All you have to do is log onto the website, enter the month in which your baby will be conceived and your age, when the baby will be born, and hey presto, the 700-year-old calendar will tell you if you’ll have a boy or a girl. (C’mon pull the other one)

The most popular and proven method though is the Shettles Method

The most popular and proven method though is the Shettles Method. It’s all about conceiving at a certain time of the month. To have a girl you should stop making love two days before you ovulate. To have a boy, you should make love the day that you ovulate. The theory is simply this; girl sperm swims slowly but hangs around longer and will fertilize the egg once the boy sperm has died off. Boy sperm swims faster and will get to the egg before the girl sperm. They do however die off quicker.

What is crucial, when using this method, is to monitor your ovulation. Many pharmacies have home ovulation test kits that are very easy to use. Simply wee on the stick and if there’s one line, you’re not ovulating. If there are two lines, you are.

Boy sperm swims faster and will get to the egg before the girl sperm, they do however die off quicker

If you have a pretty regular cycle, you should ovulate on day 15 (start counting from the first day of your period). To have a girl, you should stop making love on the evening of the 13th day. For a boy, you shouldn’t make love until day 15.

Elizabeth plucked up the courage to try a third time for her baby girl. Her doctor suggested, with a twinkle in his eye, that she use the Shettles Method. With notebook and pen in hand, Elizabeth jotted down all the information, checking and cross-checking with her doctor exactly when she should try to conceive her daughter or when she should stay far, far away from her husband.

Several months and much anticipation later, a little girl, weighing 3.5kg was born. Elizabeth’s home is now a mess of ribbons, clips, dolly’s, and all things pink.