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Boys baby Names listing for J

Boys Baby Names listing for J



Origin: Nguni
Meaning: Happiness

Origin: W African
Meaning: Courageous



Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Restorer – boy

Origin: W African
Meaning: Gift from God


JACK, Jackie, Jacky,

Origin: Nguni
Meaning: Bring Happiness to everyone

Origin: English
Meaning: God is gracious
Spiritual Connotation: Redeemed

JACQUES, Jacquan, Jacque,
Jacquees, Jacquez, Jaques

JADON, Jaden, Jadin,
Jaeden, Jaedon

Origin: French
Meaning: Supplanter
Spiritual Connotation: Redeemed

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God has heard
Spiritual Connotation: seeker of the truth



Origin: Nguni
Meaning: Grandeur, Majesty

Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Majesty

JAJUAN, Juan, Jawaan,
Jawan, Jawann, Jawaun,
Jawon, Jawuan, Jujuan,
Juwaan, Juwan, Juwann,
Juwaun, Juwon, Juwuan

JAKE, Jayke

Origin: American
Meaning: God is gracious
Spiritual Connotation: Blessed

Origin: English
Meaning: Substitute
Spiritual Connotation: New covenant

JAMES, Jaimes, Jaymes,
Jim, Jimi, Jimmee,
Jimmie, Jimmy, Jimy

JAMIE, Jamee, Jamey,
Jami, Jamia, Jamian,
Jamii, Jammie, Jamya,
Jaymee, Jaymie

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Supplanter
Spiritual Connotation: Nurtured

Origin: English
Meaning: Replacement
Spiritual Connotation: Wise

JAN, Jani, Jania,

JARED, Jarad, Ja’red,
Jarod, Jarad, Jarred,
Jarrod, Jaryd, Jerad,
Jerod, Jerrad, Jerrod,
Jerryd, Yarod, Yarrod

Origin: German
Meaning: God’s gift
Spiritual Connotation: Cherished

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Descendent
Spiritual Connotation: Favored

JAVIER, Javiare

JAY, Jai, Jajuan

Origin: Malayan
Meaning: From Java
Spiritual Connotation: Honest

Origin: Old French
Meaning: Vivacious
Spiritual Connotation: Adventurous

JEFFREY, Jefery, Jeff,
Jefferay, Jefferey, Jefferie,
Jefferies, Jeffery, Jeffrie,
Jeffries, Jeffry


Origin: English
Meaning: Divine peace
Spiritual Connotation: Wise

Origin: W African
Meaning: Father suffered during birth of a son


JEREMY, Jeramee, Jerami,
Jeramy, Jéréme, Jeremee,
Jeremey, Jeremii

Origin: W African
Meaning: To give thanks for this child

Origin: English
Meaning: God is exalted
Spiritual Connotation: Humble


JEROME, Jérome, Jerôme,

Origin: Sotho
Meaning: The breaker

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Sacred
Spiritual Connotation: Holy

JOAB, Joäb, Yoab,

JOAH, Yoah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Praise the Lord
Spiritual Connotation: Adoration

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is father
Spiritual Connotation: Secure

JOAQUIN, Joaquìn, Jocquin,

JOEL, Jôel, Joël, Jole

Origin: Portuguese
Meaning: God is my salvation
Spiritual Connotation: Filled with praise

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Lord is God
Spiritual Connotation: God’s messenger

JOHN, Jahn, Jhan,
Jhon, Johnny, Johnnie,
Jon, Jonn, Jonnie,


Origin: Greek
Meaning: God is gracious
Spiritual Connotation: Strength of God

Origin: Kikuyu
Meaning: He who passes down stories


JONATHAN, Johnathan,
Johnathon, Jonathon, Jonnathan

Origin: Nguni
Meaning: Burning spear

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gift of the Lord
Spiritual Connotation: God’s precious gift



Origin: Nguni
Meaning: He faces he sun

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Look at me

JORDAN, Jordaan, Jordain,
Jordane, Jorden, Jordenn,
Jordenne, Jordin, Jordon,
Jordyn, Joree, Jorée,
Jori, Jorie, Jorii,
Jorin, Jorrdan, Jorrie,
Jorrín, Jorry, Jory,

JOSHUA, Jeshua, Jeshuah,
Josh, Joshe, Joshuah,
Joshuwa, Jozua

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Descender
Spiritual Connotation: Wise in judgement

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my salvation
Spiritual Connotation: Bringer of truth


JUSTIN, Justan, Justen,
Justinn, Justinus, Juston,
Justun, Justyn

Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Couple, pair

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Upright
Spiritual Connotation: Righteous



Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Notify, announce