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Birth announcements Keira-Lee Shaik born on the 31 March 2010, weighing 2.915kgTo parents Mesha and Reshard Shaik. Ayavuya Sbukwana. Born 05/02/2010, weighing 3.9Kg, Queenstown Life Hospital Cole Christian Hector, born 7 October 2009 – weighing 3.4kg’s. Proud Mom – Tanya Hector Annelise Pretorius gave birth to Calum and Victor on January 19th 2009 Zaheera Saib gave birth to Muhammed Ziya on 15 January 2009 at 08:40. Benjamin Troy Sinden born 5th August at 11.13am, weighing 3.59Kg, to parents Vicky and Chris Sinden. {module go

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