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Labour bag for Mom

Labour bag for Mom Birth plan 2 x Loose fitting T-shirts or pajamas 2 x Panties Change of clothes for when you leave the hospital Socks - your feet might get cold Hair brush and elastics - to keep hair out of your face Mirror Toothbrush and toothpaste Cleansing products for your face and moisturizers Dressing gown & slippers Your own favorite pillow - for personal comfort Face cloth Lip-ice / gloss - to prevent chapped lips Towel, toiletries, tissues CD of relaxing music and

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Baby’s Nursery

Baby's Nursery 2x Cot sheets Duvet set or sleep sack 2 x Covering blankets 3 x Receiving blankets Night light Thermometer Baby monitor Musical mobile Fluffy toys Changing table or compactum Nappy stacker 6 x Vests 6 x Baby gro’s 2 x Leggings 2 x Jerseys Sun hat / woolly hat 4 pairs Booties Nappies (disposable or toweling) Waterproofs (for toweling nappies) 6 x Bibs 3 x Snappies (for toweling nappies) Nappy liners (toweling nappies) Scented nappy sacks and bin Barrier Cream Wet wipes Surgical Spirits

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Bath Time

Baby's Nursery Bath unit Bath thermometer Sponge/ face cloth Bath seat After bath mattress 2 x Hooded towels Brush & comb set Baby soap Baby shampoo Cotton wool Nail care kit Aqueous cream Bath toys Surgical Spirits Print download file {module go to TOP link Module|none} {backbutton}

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