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Girls Baby Names listing for H

Girls Baby Names listing for H


GABRIELLE, Gabbey, Gabbi,
Gabbie, Gabrail, Gabriala,
Gabrialla, Gabrina, Gabrianna,
Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriella

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: She, who we can show off

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Devoted to God
Spiritual Connotation: Confident

GAIL, Gael, Gaila,
Gale, Gayle


Origin: Old English
Meaning: My father rejoices
Spiritual Connotation: Lively

Origin: Sotho
Meaning: Lightning



Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Ocean wave

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Expert in the arts, music, dancing and singing


GALYA, Galia, Gallia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Pure
Spiritual Connotation: Courageous

Origin: Russian
Meaning: Illuminated
Spiritual Connotation: Untainted

GANYA, Gania, Ganyah


Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Garden of God
Spiritual Connotation: Refreshed

Origin: Sotho
Meaning: Golden


GEMINI, Gemelle, Gemina,

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Honey guide

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Twin
Spiritual Connotation: Righteous


GENEVIEVE, Genavieve, Jenavieve

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: Queen of the ant community

Origin: French
Meaning: Fair
Spiritual Connotation: Inner beauty

GEORGIA, Georgeann, Georgeanna, Georgene, Georgette, Georgie

GERALDINE, Geraldina, Geralyn,
Geri, Gerianna, Gerry,

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Farmer
Spiritual Connotation: Promise of God

Origin: Old German
Meaning: Powerful
Spiritual Connotation: Victorious

GIANNA, Giana, Gianella,
Giannella, Gianni, Jiana,
Jianna, Jianella

GIGI, G.G, Geegee

Origin: Italian
Meaning: God is gracious
Spiritual Connotation: Sanctified

Origin: French
Meaning: Trustworthy
Spiritual Connotation: True friend

GILIANA, Gilanna

GINA, Geena, Gena, Ginah, Ginia

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Hill of the monument
Spiritual Connotation: Testimony

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Queen
Spiritual Connotation: Full of love

GINGER, Gingata

GIZELLE, Gissell, Giselle, Jizella, Jizelle, Jiselle

Origin: English
Meaning: Pure
Spiritual Connotation: Respectful

Origin: Old German
Meaning: Pledge
Spiritual Connotation: Approved

GLADYS, Gladis

GLORIA, Gloriela, Gloriella,
Glorielle, Glory, Glorya

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Princess
Spiritual Connotation: Spiritual understanding

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Glory
Spiritual Connotation: Glorious



Origin: N Sotho
Meaning: Steady

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: Tall, slender person



Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Elegant gait

Origin: Zulu
Meaning: To stand among others

GRACE, Gracey, Graci,
Gracia, Graciana, Gracianna,


Origin: Latin
Meaning: Noble
Spiritual Connotation: Patient

Origin: S Sotho
Meaning: Grace

GRETA, Gretal, Grethal, Gretta

GRETCHEN, Gretchin

Origin: English
Meaning: Pearl
Spiritual Connotation: Eternal hope

Origin: German
Meaning: Pearl
Spiritual Connotation: Invaluable


GUINEVERE, Guenevere

Origin: Xhosa
Meaning: A jewel, treasure

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Unstained
Spiritual Connotation: Ransomed

GWYNN, Gwin, Gwyn,


Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Spotless
Spiritual Connotation: Seeker of wisdom