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Im Pregnant – Let me get myself organised


If you are anything like me, you would have made your first appointment with the doctor to check that everything is OK, when is the due date, how far along are you in your pregnancy. Then the real fun starts and you can start counting down your 40 weeks of pregnancy. However most find out when they are 4 – 6 weeks pregnant, this is due to missing your period.

First things first, go and register your pregnancy with us, you will get a weekly newsletter with information detailing the changes to your body and growth of your baby. The newsletter is filled with important information.

After your first check-up with the doctor, you will be given some vitamins to help you and the growth of your baby, one of the most common is Folic Acid which contains vitamin B, but you can read more about that here. The doctor will also weigh you each time you visit to make sure you are also doing well during the pregnancy, after all, if you are not healthy chances are your baby won’t grow in a healthy way either. This is the time to start looking at what you are eating and drinking. Here are some healthy tips to start with 1st-trimester healthy-pregnancy-tips.

Being pregnant can sometimes be tiring, all of a sudden you can find yourself feeling fatigued and exhausted, this can be normal because your blood is pumping through your body at a faster rate, always just ask your doctor if you are concerned about anything even if you feel a small pain or are uncomfortable, these are some of the symptoms of being pregnant, but to keep you and your baby stress-free, make that call and if the doctor is worried, they will call you in for a check-up.

If all is going well you will have a monthly check-up and until your due date gets closer.