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What is it?
Tick-bite fever is a serious infectious disease transmitted by hard ticks. It always requires medical treatment.
Symptoms: The time between the tick bite and the onset of symptoms is about seven days. Fever, severe headache, rash, also on the soles and palms, Conjunctivitis, sometimes nightmares, in severe cases mental confusion, on examination, one or several tick bites (known as eschars) may be found.
Causes: The Microorganism, rickettsia conori var. pijperi, both common veld ticks and common dog tick transmit the infection.
Possible complications: Complications occur if treatment is delayed, disturbed liver function and renal failure, convulsions and coma, deep vein thrombosis, rarely, gangrene of the fingers and toes.
Treatment in the home: Bedrest is mandatory during medical treatment.
When to consult a doctor: Immediately the described symptoms develop, if you are feeling unwell and you have recently been to the bushveld or in contact with tick infested dogs.
What the doctor may do: Arrange for diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis, commence treatment immediately if tick-bite fever is diagnoses, and admit you to hospital if the infection is severe.