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Choosing a Name

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Choosing your baby’s name is another exciting job for you and your partner while you await the birth. Remember that you are choosing something that will be with your baby throughout his life.

Points to Consider Choosing a Name

  • You need to think about how the name sits with your family name, and check to see if the initials will make a word when placed together.
  • In some families it is traditional to pass on a name. If you are not happy with this, you could perhaps make it a middle name.
  • An unusual spelling gives your child a name that is almost exclusively his, but thinks how annoying it could be for him to have his name wrongly spelt or mispronounced throughout his life.
  • Remember that a name that suits your tiny newborn baby needs to suit a fully grown adult as well.
  • Choosing a name that reflects the country of origin of the parents or another member of the family has become very popular in recent years.
  • You may find that you and your partner just cannot decide. If this is the case, wait until he’s born and then see what he looks like! Even if you have chosen a name, sometimes it just doesn’t seem right when you actually meet your baby.
  • You might want to think about a name that in some way links your baby to the circumstances of his birth, such as name that is local to the area in which he was born.