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3rd Trimester 37-40 Weeks

3rd Trimester 37-40 Weeks

Your Baby

By the end of week 37, the baby is considered full-term and could be born any time. Your baby has enough fat to maintain his body temperature. Get ready…. Your baby is on his way.

During the last two months of the pregnancy, fifty-percent of the baby’s full term weight will be reached. The head is now firm and has the largest circumference of all body parts. Your baby has 300 bones whereas an adult only has 206, this will change as your baby’s bones will later fuse together.

You and your body

Eagerness for your baby to arrive may make you restless, while fears about labour may cause you to be apprehensive. Try to use this time to relax and read, and, even though its fine to sit around doing nothing, try to get out for a walk each day. You are probably getting up a few times at night to empty your bladder.

The last few weeks usually feel the longest. The baby room is ready and you are getting anxious. It is important to keep your mind occupied during this period, plan a couple of interesting things to do. If you are expecting your first child, go out and enjoy a candle light dinner, remember these are the last few weeks of not having extra responsibilities.


Average baby




Amniotic fluid

Uterus increase

0.8kg 0.9kg

Breast increase

Blood volume

0.4kg 1.5kg


Extracellular fluid

3.5kg 1.4kg

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