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3rd Trimester 29-32 Weeks


3rd Trimester 29-32 Weeks

Week-32Your Baby

Your baby weighs about 2.25kg and is about 30.5 – 42.5cm long.  The layer of downy lanugo on his skin starts to fall off and the soft skin becomes a little less wrinkled as a layer of fat thickens.  Lungs are more developed; so much so that most babies born now can survive outside of the uterus.  He will spend most of his time asleep and his movements are strong and co-ordinated. He has probably assumed the ‘head down’ position by now, in preparation for birth.

Your baby will hear sounds and when he is born he will probably not need quiet time when he sleeps because he will be used to noises.

You and your body

You may become breathless even with little exertion.  It is important to be aware of your baby’s movements, this is your only way of knowing that your baby is fit and healthy.  Each baby has its own movement pattern, if this decreases drastically, consult your caregiver or hospital immediately.  Try to sleep on your side, If you lie on your back, ensure that you sleep on at least 2 – 3 pillows otherwise the weight of your uterus and your baby presses down on your main blood vessels which can slow down the blood flow to your baby.

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