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2nd Trimester 21-24 Weeks


2nd Trimester 21-24 Weeks


Your breathing pushes amniotic fluid in and out of your baby’s lungs. A sense of balance is emerging thanks to a fully developed inner ear and muffled sounds can be heard from the outside world. Fused eyelids now separate into upper and lower lids, enabling your baby to open and shut his eyes. The tongue is now also developed with the all the taste buds. The brainwaves show that your baby is almost as active as a new born and reacts to sounds.

Muscle and nerve connections begin forming. A layer of fat gets deposited under a red wrinkled skin and most of the foetal weight is gained; maturation begins, and with it, early breathing practices and the experience of touch. The foetus can now hear music and words spoken outside.

You and your body

You are just past the halfway point and you may feel yourself slowing down a bit. You may notice some aches in your lower back and legs as well as varicose veins, urinary incontinence and skin pigmentation changes. It’s also common now to have intense dreams.

The top of your uterus has grown to just above your belly button. You are probably gaining between 240g and 480 g a week. Now that your physical and emotional adjustments of early pregnancy are over, you may be feeling good about yourself and starting to really enjoy your pregnancy. Lovemaking can take on a new aspect of enhanced enjoyment, you no longer have to be anxious about falling pregnant.

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