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2nd Trimester 13-16 Weeks


2nd Trimester 13-16 Weeks


Large organs are now fully formed, but still need to mature. Co-ordinated by its brain, the foetus can now stretch its arms and legs, and open its mouth, the foetus practices to breathe. Its face becomes more defined while the rest is covered with soft downy hair known as lanugo.

The foetus is 10 to 15cm long – the size of a small avocado – and the body begins to catch up with the size of the head. Fingers and toes are defined and toothbuds begin to appear. Eyes are becoming sensitive to light and eyelashes and eyebrows have appeared and the tongue has taste buds. If you’re having a girl, more than 4 million eggs form in her ovaries, however this will reduce once she is born. Vermix caseosa (white greasy substance) is starting to cover your baby’s skin which protects the skin because it is very thin, some of it is still present at birth.

You and your body

You have entered your second trimester and the risk of a miscarriage has depreciated. It’s time to tell people you’re pregnant if you have not already. You’ll start to have more energy and the nausea should have improved, you’ll probably gain about 400g a week.

Your uterus has now risen above the pubic bone taking pressure off your bladder and it is about the size of a grapefruit. Your breasts are enlarging and the areola (the dark area around the nipple) may become darker. You may notice a line on your abdomen which is called the linea nigra, this will disappear after pregnancy. Some women may experience some pigmentation on their face as well.

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