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3rd Trimester 33-36 Weeks


3rd Trimester 33-36 Weeks

Week-36Your Baby

Your baby weighs between 2.7 and 3.1 kg and will continue to steadily put on weight for the remainder of your pregnancy. The amniotic fluid reaches its highest level during week 33 then declines as baby takes up more space in your uterus.

The baby’s head is now proportionate to its body, eyes focus and blink and become light sensitive. Organ systems are now working, the baby’s development is almost complete, ever day more fat cells are being laid down in a layer underneath the skin.

You and your body

Fatigue, as well as your size, limits travel and work. Frequent urination may disrupt sleep. The nesting instinct will hit in if it hasn’t already, you may want to rearrange the furniture, paint the walls and sort your cupboards, and drawers. Stay off ladders!!

The uterus now pushes right under the lungs causing you to experience shortness of breath and to become easily tired. Your baby’s movements can become fewer but bigger movements.

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