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1st Trimester 9-12 Weeks


1st Trimester 9-12 Weeks


Now known as a foetus, its’ ears, nose and mouth take form on its relatively large head. The newly shaped eyes are covered with a skin that will soon become the eyelids, the eyelids are fused over the fully developed eyes. Arms and legs lengthen as the nails begin to grow, amazingly the foetus has unique fingerprints already by 10 weeks. The foetus’ fully developed heart now beats at just 170 – 175 per minute, much faster than an adults heart beat.

Your baby’s embryonic “tail” has disappeared and the foetus looks like a tiny baby. By now the foetus is about 7cm long – a little smaller than a goldfish. By the end of the 12th week, recognizable genitalia will develop!

By the twelfth week the foetus is the size of a lemon, the limbs and internal organs are fully formed and is now about 7,5cm long. For the rest of the pregnancy the foetus only grows and matures as all the organs are all now perfectly formed. The placenta is mature and provides all the nutritional needs of the foetus. The external sex organs are sufficiently developed to enable the sex determination on a scan. Skin becomes downy as hair starts to grow. the foetus may even start sucking her thumb.

You and your body

Your belly may start to bulge slightly and your breasts will now be larger. You may not be feeling your best as you have food cravings and or aversions, occasional headaches with some nasal congestion. You may also have symptoms of candida/thrush as the vaginal discharge increases as well as still feeling a little nauseous.

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