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1st Trimester 5-8 Weeks


1st Trimester 5-8 Weeks


Larger organs begin to take shape and form as the brain, facial features and limb joints become visible. Finally, pregnancy can be confirmed by sonar. The foetus is between 5 – 30mm in length and weighs approximately 2g by the end of the 8th week.

All essential organs begin to form: limbs, fingers, toes and the tip of a nose develop. By the end of the month, the embryo becomes known as a foetus (“little one” in Latin). The embryo starts taking in oxygen from the placenta.

Dramatic changes occur during this stage, the nervous system is starting to develop. Formation of the heart and the internal organs are also in progress. The following are present – a primitive brain, a heart, arm and leg buds and beginnings of eyes and ears. Tiny muscles allow the embryo to start moving about. Blood cells are being made by the embryo’s liver. In the 7th week, amazingly the appendix is developed and by the 8th week, the foetus loses the curved shape appearance and becomes straighter.

During these weeks, the placenta is starting to grow and secrete its own hormones.

You and Your Body

You are probably feeling nauseated, tired and sensitive to smells. You may have gone off coffee and can’t bear the smell of certain foods.

Your breasts may become tender and you will have an urge to empty your bladder more frequently. Ensure that you diet contains adequate amounts of iron, folic acid and calcium. If you are not nauseous you can start taking vitamin tablets recommended for pregnant women.

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