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3rd Trimester 25-28 Weeks


Your Baby in the 3rd Trimester

Your baby is about 37.5cm long, weighing about 680-850g. The eyes are beginning to slowly open and close and the baby can now suck his thumb and he has a regular sleep cycle and even has dreams.


The Lungs which were originally spongy/ solid are filling with air sacs , each wrapped in a network of blood vessels.

The nerve fibre’s are now encased in myelin, a fatty substance that enables messages to travel faster along the nerves, thus boosting his ability to learn, remember and move.

You and your body

As you enter your third trimester, you may notice more foetal activity. You may also experience increased breast tenderness as well as a few drops of Colostrum coming out, leg cramps particularly at night.

You may start to experience some backache because of the softening influence of pregnancy hormones on your ligaments, exercise will help to strengthen these muscles.

Braxton-Hicks contractions may be noticed these are irregular hardenings of your uterus. They are usually not painful, and become more frequent closer to the end of the pregnancy. Heartburn may become a real problem now, so eat smaller meals more often and try to avoid fluids with your meals.

Common Fears for Mom

  • Will I be a good mother?
  • Will my baby be normal?
  • Will I survive the pain of labor?