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What is it?
Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder.
Symptoms: A burning sensation as urine passed, frequent urge to urinate, passing of small amounts of urine. Cloudy, Blood stained and/or strong smelling urine. Fever, abdominal or pelvic pain may be present.
Causes: Inflammation of the bladder.
Treatment in the home: Drink plenty of fluids-4 to 5 litres very 24hours. Mild pain killers such as aspirin and paracetamol may ease discomfort. Empty the bladder completely each time when passing urine. Empty the bladder after intercourse. After the bowel action, wipe the anus from front to back. Do not use bubble bath or vaginal douches and deodorants and wear cotton underwear.
Possible complications: An untreated infection of the bladder may spread to the kidneys
When to consult a doctor: As soon as the symptoms described occur
What the doctor may do: Take a mid-stream urine sample to identify the bacteria causing the infection. Prescribe a course of antibiotics. If cystitis recurs regularly, refer you to a specialist to establish whether there is any underlying problem that is causing the infection.