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Emotional and Mental

Emotional and Mental






Mild depression is perhaps more common than post natal depression and it is just as important and physical complaints. The symptoms include mood swings, lethargy, irritability, lack of interest in anything and inability to concentrate.

Do not let anyone tell you to “snap out of it”. The sooner you get help the quicker the symptoms are likely to improve. Eat as healthily as you can, get enough sleep and ask friends p and family to help out if things are getting on top of you. For example, housework, the  children. Make time to do things you enjoy. Talk to your caregiver, who will possibly refer you to a therapist with whom you can discuss treatment options.

Memory loss

Many women suffer from short term memory loss while pregnant. The effect may persist until a few weeks after the birth.

Relax and do not get frustrated, this will only make the problem worse. Make lists and notes to help and adjust to being less efficient than usual.

Mood swings

Although these symptoms may be difficult for you and those around you to deal with, they are very common during pregnancy. They are simply the result of natural rollercoaster of emotions that due to hormone changes accompany pregnancy.

Avoid foods that give an initial high, then have a rebound effect which might make you feel down for example sugar and coffee. Indulge yourself, spend some quiet time alone, try a pedicure or massage, take up relaxation techniques and yoga, Pilates or gentle exercise.

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