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Reproductive System

Reproductive System






There are many reasons why you might start bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, from the minor (cervical erosion, where the surface of the cervix becomes fragile under the influence of hormones), to the serious (sexually transmitted diseases, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or cervical cancer).  In late pregnancy bleeding may indicate problems with the placenta.

Contact you caregiver about any bleeding immediately, especially if it is accompanied by pain.


Thrush is caused by a yeast (candida).  Symptoms include white, itchy discharge and vaginal soreness, and sometimes itching of the anus and pain on urination.  Although recurrent thrush is a nuisance it is not harmful to the baby.  It could however, be an indication of diabetes.

Your caregiver will take a swab to confirm the cause of the discharge.  Candida is easily treated with pessaries and creams.  Your partner can become infected too so if he is showing signs of infection it would be worthwhile to have him treated.  To reduce the risk of recurrence try washing the affected area with only water and avoid scented bath products and tight clothing


An increased vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy and is usually caused by the effects of hormones on the tissues of the cervix and vagina.  More serious causes are sexually transmitted diseases and candida.

Contact your caregiver if the discharge is excessive, itchy, smells bad or is coloured.  Vaginal infections should be treated as some can provoke labour or be transmitted to the baby.

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