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Energy and Sleep

Energy and Sleep





Fatigue is common during early and late pregnancy. In early pregnancy it is caused by increased amounts of hormones, particularly progesterone, which also helps you to sleep. You metabolism is also working overtime. Your baby is developing at an amazing rate and your heart is beating faster. Combined with nausea this can make you feel completely drained.  In the last few weeks of pregnancy the extra weight that you are carrying will make you tired and a variety of factors (for eg: pressure on your bladder, heartburn, aches and pains) may make sleeping difficult.  Excessive tiredness may be due to anaemia.

Get as much rest as you can, learn how to relax and set aside times each day to do this. When you have the energy use it. Drink plenty of water and do not go too long without food. Eat little and often to maintain your blood sugar level. Try gentle exercise, which should give you more energy and improve your circulation. If you have any symptoms of anemia, tell your doctor.

Vivid dreams

Most pregnant women express their fears and anxieties by having vivid dreams. Some also have very erotic dreams, this is quite normal and is most probably caused by disturbed sleep or changes in hormone levels. From 25 weeks of pregnancy, the quality of sleep includes more rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which may explain changes in dreaming.

Take a warm bath and listen to gentle music before going to bed. If any anything is worrying you, do not keep it to yourself. Talk to your care giver or friends and family.

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