What is it?
A stye is a boil-like infection at the base of an eyelash.
Symptoms: A red painful swelling on the edge of the eyelid. Later a white head of pus forms. Bursts within a few days and relieves pain.
Causes: Bacterial infection in the hair follicle of an eyelash.
Possible complications: eye infection
Treatment in the home: To relieve pain and to bring the stye to a head, apply hot compresses every three to four hours. Wrap clean cotton wool around the bowl of a wooden spoon. Dip it in hot water and press the back of the spoon gently on the stye, take care not to scald it. When the stye has come to a head, pull out the eyelash and the pus will be released. Wash the eye to ensure that all the pus is removed.
When to consult a doctor: If styes keep recurrent.
What the doctor may do: Prescribe antibiotics if the styes are severe or recurrent.